21 Year Old Enters A Liquor Shop

21 Year Old Enters A Liquor Shop

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Aloha Friends. We all know that this world is doomed. Deaths and suicides are happening daily. There might even come a time when visibility in our capital will be so low, that cars will bump into each other. Oh heck,wait, isn’t this happening already?

I am posting my article again, about how Suegetsu enters a shop and asks for liquor bottles, as it got deleted before due to a reason which is beyond me.


Here I go .My apologies if  I sound over enthusiastic as I am totally new.

Suegetsu is 21 year old boy who enters a liquor shop to buy alcohol. He sees that he is being attended by a 15 year old kid.

Suegetsu: Give me three bottles of the XFX brand( while looking at his phone)

The kid: eh??…Rs 120 sir( attending to someone else)

Suegetsu: Three bottles…XFX brand(Still not looking up)

The kid: Stash your Aadhar Card up on the table( While glaring at him)

Suegetsu: (Looks up and sees the kid sizing him up as though they were going to have a duel right there)What!!?

The kid: Yes, we need your Aadhar Card to confirm your age. You don’t seem to be of age to me.

Suegetsu: I am of age and did not hear of anything about Aadhar Card being used to buy Alcohol?

21 Year Old Enters A Liquor Shop
We are in high spirits now. Lets drive this car down a cliff.

The kid: Well, it is not unheard of. No law about Aadhar Card being used to buy Alcohol, but law about consuming liquor only when you are of age.

Suegetsu: Big talk coming from a kid, no more than 17, selling it.

The kid: (Startled) Wait…What… I don’t need Aadhar to drin… err… to sell liquor.

The father of the kid selling liquor comes

Kid’s Father: Rs 15 extra per bottle and you can have it son.

Suegetsu: So much for a puny law…I’ll have it though I don’t think I’ll enjoy it.

Money solving various issues across countries and overpowering law.

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OK bye…I hope I continue in future.



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