Abusing at Multiplayer Games


Abusing at Multiplayer Games

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Today, we will go a bit more off topic( like I don’t do it every time). Lets talk about my not so favorite time killer, Clash of Clans. This game is one epic  strategy multiplayer. It allows you to chat with other friends( other Indians ) and that is where the fun begins. Abusing at Multiplayer Games. Lets put it in the Youth category for no reason  and start.

For those who don’t know, clash of clans is a multiplayer game, in which every user is provided with a digital base which he has to upgrade and defend using digital resources and defenses. Players can join clans and do clan wars as well. An additional thing is that a user can chat with other members of the clan and there is a ‘global chat’ option in which he can communicate with people across the globe on different servers( sorry, I am not a big gaming guy).

Now, Indians have a very sweet way when presenting there picture in such multiplayer games.

Consider 2 Indian guys chatting with each other and the third foreigner is there on the server as well. Don’t know what happens that, the first Indian guy starts abusing the other and the other starts as well. The abusing stuff gradually goes to  the next level reaching mother and sisters bad words. Now what would the foreigner think of us ? Even if he doesn’t understands Hindi, the words followed by exclamation marks, ‘ haha ‘ and constant lol’s after words and couple of censored words throw in the way does reveal us. Leave it, they are getting that smart that they know when two Indians are abusing each other

What image do we create ? “Indians always abuse each other on globe”, a Bangladeshi once said this while I was online and 2 Indian kids were abusing. I have never seen an American abusing another or a Brit abusing other for once. They communicate in a very well way. But Indians on Globe Chat of Clash of Clans  bark for no reason.

Another problem I got. Indians begging foreign high level Clans to let them in. The other guy keeps on saying ‘ No No’ and still Indians text ‘plz plz Kobra’. Why should they accept ? We have created our Image of ‘abusers’. And there are better India clans to join as well buddies.

Have not met and will neither meet in their entire lives. Still we Indians pounce on each other on a video game and present a bad picture of India to the world for no reason. Can we please stop doing this ?

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