Difference in Harry Potter’s first installment and its movie.

Difference in Harry Potter's first installment and its movie

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Today I am going to tell you the Difference between Harry Potter’s first installment of the noveln, The Philosophers Stone, and the movie. Joanne Rowling has created something that is worthy of being carried to the next century. There will be only a few below 60 years or none who have not or at least not heard of Harry Potter.

 Difference in Harry Potter’s first installment and its movie

1.The novel does describe how harry used to do a bit of magic even before going to Hogwarts like to grow up hair in a night even if they were cut on the eveing before and to change the color of his teachers wig.

2.In the movie,after taking his money from Gringotts Harry directly heads over to the ollivanders but in the text he first goes to Madam Malkin’s to buy his school clothes where he bumps into Draco Malfoy for the first time.

3.The scene in the movie when Harry buys wand from the ollivanders is one epic but you do not get that feel you can get by only reading the text.

4.In the movie, Hagrid for the first time tells about Voldemort to Harry after there purchasing from Diagon Alley but in the text Hagrid tells harry about this stuff when they first meet.

5.It as feels in the movie that Potter directly heads for platform nine and three quarters directly(it seems) but in the text Harry for sure lives with the Dursleys( Harry’s step parents) for at least a month.

6.The Sorting hat just does not sorts you to a house. It also sings a poem before every sorting each year and also suggests in case of dangerous happenings in the Wizarding world.

7.The movie seems to have missed the main reason why Harry and his friends had to take the detour on the corridor on the third floor, strictly prohibited by Dumbledore, to meet with the very cute three headed fluffy( don’t miss the sarcasm). The original reason was that Malfoy had tricked potter to a midnight duel.

Difference in Harry Potter's first installment and its movie
Difference in Harry Potter’s first installment and its movie-Hermione, Ron, and Harry.

8.The movie has missed the whole match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff in which Harry caught the snitch within 5 minutes.

9.Harry meets some more centaurs during his venture in the forbidden forest such as Bane and Ronan including Firenze who saves potter for the first time from Voldemort.

10.There is another challenge before Harry encounters Quirrell in which Harry and Hermione have to solve a riddle including some potions. The movie has missed this part.


11.The novel was released in USA by scholastic press as Harry Potter and The sorceress Stone.

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.This book was released on 26 June 1997. The series is loved so much that it is that to this date it remains on the top of the charts of Best selling Novel series of all times and in cases of individual top selling books, The philosophers will be seen in the start with sales over 107 million worldwide only surpassed by The Lord of The Rings and Don Quixote.

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