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Aloha friends. I am back yet again with ¬†another lesson from Dale Carnegie’s book ‘ How to win friends and influence People ‘. My proper acknowledgements to Dale Carnegie. IMPORTANCE OF DRAMATIZATION.


Dale Carnegie

‘ Actions speak louder than words ‘ first given by the novelist Mark Twain. He was not describing this in a serious way, he just meant that human makes a promise and then neglects to speak them. I would say Dramatization is better than actions these days. Dramatization goes hand in hand with advertisements . Suppose you are watching advertisement of a phone in a newspaper and then you are seeing the same advertisement on the television. Which advertisement will appeal you more? Certainly the one on the television. This is because we are accustomed to dramatization these days. We youth can’t just knock out the audio-video from our mind. We get excited when we see a brick going to be crushed or drilled on the screen of a phone, we even go to buy that washing powder which in media shows to clean dirt and grease better than others. But this only happens when we dramatize better.

Mr Dale says that ¬†merely stating a truth is just not enough. The truth has to be visual, vivid, interesting and dramatic. The newspaper shows us the truth as the television does but the television does dramatization well. We always love super hero movies even when they have a weak plot. This is because they have superb dramatization. We love the action and fancy yet serious dialogues. In Batman Begins, when Bruce is heading back to Gotham, he wants to help his city just like his father did. During his conversation with Alfred, he says he can’t fight with criminals being Bruce Wayne, he said people needed dramatics to shake them out of apathy leading to the formation of Batman. Of course with theatricality and deception. But this is another story though proving the point. We see it in movie and television though we don’t do it in our lives. Dramatization is what we prefer and is what sells as well.

Ok…I hope I continue in future.


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