Kill the Dog or Shoot a Friend

Kill the Dog or Shoot a Friend

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Wotcher friends. Today lets talk about trending on Facebook. The ultimate social website. And by ‘ Ultimate social ‘ I mean that it is a place where a person who doesn’t talk to anyone can have more than enough friends with which he can talk in his entire life.

Kill or Shoot

Apart from the endless good for nothing stuff on Facebook on which wise man comment upon, this was the one which got the attention of a few.

Kill a Dog and you can have 18 Million Dollars

Kill the Dog or Shoot a Friend
Kill the Dog or Shoot a Friend: Am I cute??

The very first word which comes in our mind after seeing this picture is cute. True. Cuteness very much oozes from the appearance of this dog. Given choice most would adopt this even if we tell that person that this cute little pup wrecks havoc with a persons house with his droppings. eww. Now, if you are told that you will get 18 Million dollars if you kill the dog, yes yes, with all the six zeroes succeeding the 18 digit. What would you do? The comments on Facebook were like, “Noooooooo”. The number of O’s were like the dog was going to be killed right in front of him. Others were like they will kill the person killing the dog, save the dog and then take the 18 million. No regard for a human life I guess. Now, I personally would take the 18 million in this case but either way no one is going to bring that 18 million dollar and a chihuahua right at my doorstep.

Shoot a friend on his legs and get 10 million

Kill the Dog or Shoot a Friend
Kill the Dog or Shoot a Friend: No matter how much bloody annoying he is.

Now in this case, things get pretty interesting. Lest get straight into comments. ” i will shoot him and then take the money and then repair my friend”. Another said, ” I will shoot him, cure him, buy a new house and range rovers”. Some said they will shoot on both legs and double the money. lol. And some were even willing to take the head shot. Lets shoot both his legs and ask him to do the same with us.

We believe or not a friend is one of the most important person in one’s life. Our relationships with a friend is so deep that we like to play pranks with each other. We are willing to shoot a friend but not a dog because we have sympathy with someone we do not know especially when the cuteness factor comes in.


Now I am putting this post in dilemma. Suppose you do have a situation in reality in which you can kill the dog or shoot a friend and get the desired amount. We will not shoot our friend because if he is gone than with who else will we play pranks with ?

Going off topic? Do comment about what you will do if you have this situation.

Ok bye… I hope I continue in future.





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