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It has been 2 months since tensions escalated since India raised objection towards China for building road in the disputed road in Doklam Plateau. Rajnath Singh replies about this stand off on Monday days after the media agency Xinhua mocked Jat and Sikh soldiers posted at the Doklam tri-junctio. Rajnath speaks about Doklam tension.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh at the piping ceremony of the Indo-Tibetan Border ceremony held on Monday said that  India wants an healthy relationship with all its neighbor and told that India as well as China are looking for a positive way to solve the tension between troops of India and China at the Doklam Plateau. He also added that India has none intention to expand its boundaries and Indian troops are well equipped to handle any situation at the border.

Rajnath Singh at the ceremony

To tackle the situation, Indian army apparently had posted burly Jat and Sikh soldiers at the Doklam tri-junction to intimidate the Chinese soldiers. Chinese wanting not to be left behind, too conducted a drill to  ‘ Strike Awe in India ‘ quoted by a Chinese Military expert. I guess there were some Ego clashes. Though the date, time and location of this drill was not disclosed. I wonder,no date,no location disclosed. How were they to struck awe and terror and there is only Chinese Media agency backing the Drill. Possibility, it may have not happened at all.

Before the drill happened or it may have been after, can’t say, Chinese news agency Xinhua released a three minute video( on 16th August ) about a Chinese actor mocking the Indian Jat and Sikh soldiers posted at Doklam.


The Description says ” Its time for India to confess its Seven Sins “. In the video, the anchor accuses India of  committing Seven Sins since entering the disputed region of Doklam. The video which amateurishly tries to mock Indian Jat soldiers has put more smiles on the face of Indians than angered them. The anchor starts by telling that it has been 2 months since Indian Soldiers illegally crossed into China and tells that the whole world is trying to wake up India but India is pretending to be asleep. Mocking with the Indian accent, no offence taken, but they misspell the simple word ‘because’ at 0.23 to ‘becasue’. I think someone at the editing team was snoring.  About the whole world trying to wake up India. The world is at neutral with only Japan to speak openly and in favor of India. The UK Based Sikh Press association accused Chinese news agency Xinhua of being racist and of being ill informed. The Bhutanese officials have remained silent during the India-China stand-off but they also have not shown open anger towards India as Doklam is the tri-junction border of all the three countries.

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