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I am going to give you the insight of the novel The Bourne Supremacy. Special Agent Jason Bourne returns. This novel published in 1986 is the second installment in the Bourne series, sequel to The Bourne Identity and followed by The Bourne Ultimatum written by Robert Ludlum. As per me the Bourne in this novel is more aggressive than the Bourne in the first installment. After loosing his memory he was was ready to die in the first installment but in the second he has been put in such circumstances that he must live at any cost. His wife, Marie, has been kidnapped. He has reason enough. To save her Bourne must reign supreme. Move over Bond, Bourne is back !!!


The story is set during the British negotiated handover of Hong Kong to the Peoples Republic Of China. After his ordeal with The Jackal in New York which both narrowly escape, Bourne has recovered some part of his memory and has fully recovered from his injuries. He now comes to know that he used to work in medusa during the Vietnam war and thereafter worked with Treadstonde corporation to track and kill the Jackal. Bourne now with his wife is a university professor in Maine, USA using his original name, David Webb.


In the meanwhile, top ranking officials in USA analyze the situation in The peoples Republic where Sheng Chou Yang is rising in power with the use of an assassin who is now using Bourne’s name to kill. Who better to trap the pretender than the original as written by Mr ludlum. So the officials try to convince the original Jason to kill Sheng and the impostor Bourne which the original kindly refuses.

The Kidnapping

While Webb/the original Bourne is at university Marie is Kidnapped. When Webb reaches home he finds clues about the kidnapping and goes into an outrage, he understands that her wife has been kidnapped because he refused to do the officials work. He steps into the Bourne mode, he understands that he has been recruited. Bourne reaches alexander conklin’s place who is quick to analyse that govt. officials have a lot of hand in Maries’s kidnappings. Jason reaches Hong Kong to play the scenario, to be the chameleon. Here he meets a business man who is originally a British intelligence helping the CIA with the Sheng case. He tells Bourne that his wife is in their custody and if he wants her wife to unharmed he must find and kill the impostor Bourne currently to be operating in Kowloon.

A film has been made on the same name as the novel but the plot is completely different. the picture features Matt Damon

Bourne starts tracking the impostor through Kowloon and then in Macau, where he meets one of his former Medusan, Echo who has personally trained the impostor the way of the Bourne. But now he too wants to kill the impostor, so both the original ┬ábourne and his mate from medusa come together to trap the impostor. Meanwhile Marie manages to escape from where she is held captive and then finds out about Catherine staples who too is Marie’s former colleague.


Staples helps Marie to contact Alexander who comes all the way to Hong Kong with Mo Panov(webb’s psychiatrist) to help the Webb family where he confronts MacAllister and Ambassador Havilland who are the mind behind the kidnapping of Marie and who want Bourne to eliminate the impostor and Sheng. Back in Macau echo is kidnapped by the impostor on Sheng’s order. Bourne tracks down that place where Echo’s being held captive and manages to overpower the impostor but is not able to save his mate Echo and to kill Sheng. Webb has to deliver the impostor to get his wife but is misled by MacAllister and Webb thinks that his wife has been killed. Webb attacks the house from where Allister and Havilland are operating(Bourne uses legendary techniques to keep the impostor in check during his stay with him). Bourne is only saved by the timely arrival of Alexande Conklin and Marie Webb.



After this and Webb reunited with Marie ,Havilland ┬átells Webb why he had to abduct his wife. Webb after seeing how sheng operates and is using assassinations to gain power in The Republic. And killing of his mate echo by Sheng makes Webb go back to The republic with MacAllister to kill Sheng. MacAllister don’t know out of guilt tells Webb that he must be the one to kill Sheng. They reach the place where Echo and Webb had first met in The Republic. MacAllister fails to kill Sheng so instead Webb does it and they together in Sheng’s helicopter.


The book has been much epic and thrilling than the first installment. The read after bourne captures the impostor to take back to Hong Kong has been epic. The mind games he uses on his prey and his nerve to do the unexpected makes him one of the most efficient assassins in fiction history.

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