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2 States is another blockbuster novel written by Chetan Bhagat released in the year 2009 by Rupa publication after the release of Five point Someone,One Night @Call Center and 3 Mistakes of My Life in the year 2004, 2005 and 2008 respectively. The novel has also been turned into a major film with gross earning of Rupees 102 crores at the Indian box office.



The story is about Krish Malhotra who is a Punjabi though lives in Delhi and Ananya Swaminathan  from Tamil Nadu who both get in love eventually during there stay in IIMA,Ahmadabad. Story of krish’s family is vey typical and disturbing in its own way and Ananya’s family is too much disciplined. The stay of these two in IIMA Ahmadabad is kind of OK but things get real spicy and interesting when they both have to convince there families to let them marry which is difficult enough as they both are  from different states and cultures.


Krish moves from Delhi to Chennai for work in Citibank more to woo Ananya and his parents than too earn money. The Chennai tour for krish remains one gruel some task though managing to convince Ananya’s family in the end. The scene then moves to Delhi where krish and Ananya arrive after convincing there bosses in there respective companies(krish is now transferred to Delhi).

Ananya manages to impress krish’s family as well( krish’s father doesn’t like to socialize with other and krish and his father had a row earlier resulting in both of them not talking to each other).Both families not happy but convinced with their children choices of partners now decide to meet each other. This event gets ruined up. This happens as krish’s mother doesn’t like as well as gets rude with Ananya’s parents. The relationship between Ananya and Krish becomes week until krish’s father goes all the way to Chennai to let Ananya’s parents know that there daughter will be well taken care off.

In the end they both end up marrying with consent from both the families side.


The way Chetan expresses his feeling through his work is brilliant.He makes us to understand the feelings of the characters through is superb story telling. 2 States is the idea about how inter-communal marriages are difficult in India. To develop as a whole Indian society must learn to embrace the different opinions of the youth.

Lets end here. I hope I continue in future.





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