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Namaste Friends. Today I am going to tell you about the novel ‘ The Immortals of Meluha ‘ written by Amish Tripathi and published in the year 2010. In 2013, after the release of the third installment ‘ The oath of the Vayuputras ‘ this trilogy became the fastest selling book series in the history of  Indian Publications. REVIEW: THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA 

We have been giving gods really a magical status rather than a majestic and an inspiring one. We really think that god can do anything with the wave of his wand. And I for sure know that the creation of earth by a god is really impossible.

There are alone 33 million gods in the Hindu religion and the possibility of existence of each and everyone of them is unreal. Really, Faith is what drives us. There are three gods who are given the apex position in Hindu culture. The Generator, Lord Brahma, The Operator, lord Vishnu and the Destroyer, Lord Shiva.

This trilogy is about Shiva, The Shiva Trilogy. Amish says that what if lord Siva was actually real? That his deeds were so great that he was proclaimed as a god afterwards. This whole story is based upon 1900 BC India.



Shiva and his tribe, the Gunas, live near the Mansorovar lake at Mount Kailash, Tibet. He is a simple chieftain who has to work hard to protect his tribe from other tribal chieftains who are trying to take control of the shores of the Mansarovar as Guna’s have whole access to it. Shiva’s uncle try to solve this by peace but is killed by the Pakrati chief, another tribal chieftain. Shiva has a representative from another land, a beautiful land of Meluha. He has come to ask the tribe to move to Meluha and promises them to take away them from this constant fighting to a land of pure life. Shiva understands that this land will have its own system and he will no longer be the chief of his tribe. But for his tribe, for there well being he decides to move to this new land. He and his tribe after a long travel reach Srinagar, meaning ‘respected city’. Here they are given proper accommodations and stuff. Shiva quickly finds out that Meluha has fine advancements in infrastructure and its people are treated equally everywhere in the country. After there arrival there tribe is administered with a drink which they tell is to cure all diseases and infection. This medicine is what turns Siva a legend in this novel. The medicine/drink is the Somras. The drink which turns Shiva’s throat blue. The neel kanth, the blue throat as we too call him in Hindu religion. Shiva is escorted to Devagiri by captain Nandi, the Meluhan capital, to meet its emperor Daksha who will tell him why Shiva has been given blind faith from the day he was proclaimed as the neel kanth, the blue throat.

REVIEW: THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA: Map from the novel of both containing location of Swadeep and Meluha

Apparently, according to Daksha of course, Meluhans are Suryavanshi’s  and are in grave danger from another land Swadeep, the Chandravanshi’s. And there is belief that a foreigner, whose throat will turn blue after drinking the Somras will be able to protect the Meluhans from Swadeep. Meanwhile Shiva gets in love with Daksha’s daughter, Sati, who he can’t even touch because she is ‘ Vikrama ‘ meaning she has a bad fate decided by that her husband was killed and she gave birth to a still born baby. Shiva comes to know about one particular gift of the Somras that if one takes regular doses of this drink can live up to more than 2 centuries without any problem. Since producing Somras requires the water from the river Saraswati and Saraswati only, Meluhans wan’t to declare an all out war on the Chadravanshi’s because reducing flow of the Saraswati makes the Meluhans believe that Chandravanshi’s are messing up with the river. Shiva decides to take a whole tour of Meluha before deciding that he will help Meluha or not. He takes a tour of the land and comes to know how beautiful its people are. After coming back he acknowledges publicly that he is the neel kanth and decides that he will do everything he can to help Meluha win over Swadeep.

Let’s skip the part about how Shiva marries Sati  and how Shiva with Parvateshwar, the commander of Meluhan army, prepared for war and of course eventually win it. How could they have lost? The had a god with them.


After victory over Swadeep, Siva finds out that the people of Swadeep are too looking for a foreigner who will save them from the evil Suryavanshi’s,that is, the Meluhan’s. Shiva feels guilty feeling the blood of thousands of people killed in this epic war. Finally Shiva gets assurance from a Vasudev Pandit( priest) that these people were not evil, they were just different and Shiva who will go on to be the God of Gods discovered this very earlier. The novel ends with an enigmatic note with sati getting attacked by Naga assassins from who live in the south of India.

This novel is floowed by ‘ The secret of the Nagas ‘.

In the end I will Like to say that its our work and faith that delivers.

Comment about what I may have missed and I will make sure to write a separate post on it.

Ok bye… I hope I continue in future.

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